Vision BMS

This is a complex solution controlling building automation, which may be used in various applications.

Technical capabilities

VisionBMS is a complex solution controlling building automation, which may be used in various applications. It is characterized by intuitive operation, flexibility, scalable nature and by the ability to control multiple parameters – also using a tablet or a smartphone.

Ready for changes

The modular VisionBMS design allows easy expansion of both the central unit and the remaining equipment. The flexible and universal nature of the system allows its functionalities to be adapted to time-dependent requirements and needs of the user, in a quick and convenient manner.

Interface adapting to the needs

VisionBMS has been designed for everyone. Literally. It is the user of the system who decides what should be visible in the interface. Depending on the supported user functions, control windows may be simple and include the basic functions, or have a more expanded look enabling access to more complicated functions of the system. Interface flexibility and clarity are its biggest advantages.

Based on a smart center

Vision BMS is a centralized management system for a smart building. As is the case with a human being, with all its decisions being made in and by the brain, so is the case with Vision BMS, where all operations are initiated by the central unit. Why? Because a correct decision may be worked out only if all the required information is available. And this is best achieved using the central system structure. If the main unit becomes damaged or disconnected, individual parts of the system begin working autonomously.

Advantage through integration

Through exchange of information between security systems, VisionBMS has the full picture of what is happening inside the building. In an emergency, it undertakes efficient decisions aimed at minimizing losses. This is an advantage leading to safety and comfort.


Vision BMS oversees the correct status of building automation and binds all elements into a single, cohesive mechanism. Thanks to this, the controlled house is full of harmony and system users experience calm and safety. Such conditions make relax and comfort much easier.

More time for you

Every one of us has different needs and habits. Regardless of how you spend the time at home, Vision BMS will take care of some operations for you, automatically – without your intervention. Do not waste your precious energy. Let the smart automation do the work.

Feel safe, wherever you are

Safety is the basis of home comfort. Vision BMS enables many opportunities increasing efficiency and safety of systems installed in the building, it also adds completely new functionalities which allow you to control your home and care for safety of its residents wherever you are. Full information within your reach – available on a smartphone or on a tablet.

Systemic and systematic cost cuts

Thanks to Vision BMS you can access utility meter readouts on-line. Analysis of collected data will answer the question on how to avoid unnecessary expenses and how to gain knowledge about what actually „eats up” the most of your money.

Gain full control

Energy consumption, safety, home entertainment, lighting and heating control, ventilation and even the spa and jacuzzi area – all these elements may be controlled simply and clearly thanks to just a single system. Vision BMS allows monitoring of different parameters and management of automation provided by various manufacturers. Cutting a long story short: everything under control.

Used protocols

Vision BMS is an open system, supporting all popular construction automation standards available on the market. It cooperates i.e. with such popular protocols as: Bacnet, Lonworks, Modbus, OPC, M-bus, DALI, z-wave or KNX. Because of this, the user may expand the system with the required equipment, or replace one protocol with another, if necessary.

Case Studies

  • Dekorady
  • Wolf Haus showhouse