Perfect automation by APA – a smart construction example

Technical capabilities

Smart control of processes and building business benefits requires precision, scale and synergy. This is why Nazca was created. A system which combines vision with execution, allowing a building, a district or even an entire city to be managed.

Get the full picture

Nazca is a complex system used in management and optimization of building automation processes, which allows business benefits to be maximized, to see missing elements and to take a look at processes from a wider perspective. This is a universal technology allowing information flow processes to be automated, thus replacing BMS (Building Management System), SMS (Security Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System) systems. Thanks to Nazca, the synergy of systems occurs naturally and does not require excessive workload.

Clarity in every detail

Nazca does not only work efficiently, Nazca also looks great. The clear, responsive and adapted to the recipient visualization allows quick analyses of large data sets, looking for trends and specific areas for optimization. This easy interpretation and clearly presented information are the biggest advantages of the system.

Designed with scale in mind

Nazca may support a very large number of mobile connections and allows a system distributed among many computers to be created. Each of the machines is then responsible for a piece of work, e.g. Information collection, logic processing, data storage – thus the system generally loses its size-related limitations. The easy maintenance and efficiency are what distinguishes Nazca!

Full practical potential

The universal and flexible nature of the system allows it to be used in industrial solutions, large buildings and warehouses, as well as in residential buildings. Nazca is a platform equally effective in house monitoring and in large, complex implementations including entire cities.


The world is full of symbols and meanings. Read them thanks to the Nazca system – change the space you live and work in!

This is how the savings go

Nazca allows enterprises and companies to optimize their processes, thus obtaining measurable benefits and saving even several percent of energy expenses every year. The application scale of the system and its universal nature allow the system to be used by various entities, and the nature of savings is not limited to utility usage only, but it also includes financial benefits related to security, information flow or monitoring.

You create the picture of action

Nazca makes details significant. Thanks to the complexity of information you receive, no detail will escape you. The system combines them effectively in a single, cohesive picture, allowing convenient building management and full control over the process.

Security is yours

Nazca is wherever you are. All it takes is a mobile device and network access to receive infromation from the system and have full insight into what is happening inside the building you manage. Wherever you are, you may be sure that Nazca is in control.

Space shaped anew

Nazca is a system fleshed out in tiniest details. This is the achievement of our long-term experience in building automation and well-thought functionalities. We made sure that its operation is really convenient and intuitive, such that you can enjoy the comfort and the space gains a completely new, prestigious dimension.


Nazca to system otwarty, obsługujący wszystkie popularne standardy automatyki budowlanej na rynku. Współpracuje z tak popularnymi protokołami jak: Bacnet, Lonworks, Modbus, OPC, M-bus, DALI, z-wave czy KNX. W związku z tym użytkownik z łatwością może rozbudować go o potrzebne urządzenia lub w razie potrzeby zastąpić jeden protokół innym

Case Studies

  • Rosevia Resort
  • Smolna 40 tenement house