Silesian University of Technology – BMS Laboratory at the Department of Mechatronics


System: Vision BMS
Customer: Silesian University of Technology
Project type: Innovations

How can we efficiently expand knowledge of construction automation and teach young engineers about innovative solutions?

APA creates a training laboratory, where students and engineers may test smart construction solutions.

About the project

Silesian University of Technology has been considered one of the most innovative and dynamically developing academic centers in the country for a long time. It is here, at the Faculty of Mechatronics, APA Group executed an education-training project aimed at development of smart automation and propagation of knowledge about this field of technology. The laboratory, equipped with the newest APA systems, was opened during celebrations of 70 years of creation of the Faculty Electric Science founded in 1945, as one of the first four Faculties of Silesian University of Technology.

The innovative laboratory created in cooperation with Silesian University of Technology promotes the BMS technology in the academic world

25 computer stations with a full Vision BMS license and complex automation of the laboratory room were prepared for teaching purposes, controlled using smartphones, tablets, a computer and panels. It allows the students of the Faculty of Electric Sciences to discover the nuances of Vision BMS, design their own solutions and test them in an authentic environment. Each of the stations prepared for the students has been connected to the system controlling the entire room – Vision BMS, specifically, with its central computer.
APA solutions have been integrated with the management system of all systems in the laboratory, from the vision system, through the alarm and monitoring installation, to access control, lighting, roller blinds and blinds control. Additionally, Vision BMS also monitors current energy consumption and the room air conditioning system.

Technologies used

Preparation of the laboratory room with full equipment of 12 Vision BMS stations. The following elements may be controlled:

  1.   alarm installation
  2.   monitoring
  3.   lighting
  4.   roller blinds and blinds
  5.   energy consumption monitoring
  6.   room comfort control (air conditioning)
  7.   and temperature measurements


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