Idreams main office


System: Vision BMS
Customer: Infinite Dreams Sp. z o.o.
Project type: Business

Project Description

Idreams is a company from Gliwice creating games for mobile devices. The main office of the manufacturer is located in a modern, ergonomic building designed by the reputable architecture agency Medusa Group. The raw and futuristic shape not only looks good on the outside, but it is also functional and well-thought on the inside.

A smart main office measured for a modern, Polish company, awarded the “Shape of the Year” title.

A proprietary APA Group system – Vision BMS was installed at the site. Utility measurement functionalities were implemented (electricity, water), including predictions of consumption costs and visual presentations of readouts using graphs and signaling devices. The scope of works also included building monitoring and integration with an alarm system. A software astronomical clock module was implemented as an innovation, controlling optimal operation of outdoor lights in order to minimize electricity costs. The Vision system also controls internal lighting in the office building and reads out temperature and humidity values. The implemented solutions not only increased security of the site and comfort of its use, but also optimized its maintenance costs. The Vision BMS system became a part of the modern building architecture and co-created smart space with it, which allows environment facilitating well-being and inspiring new ideas to be created.


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