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TÜV certification for IPOE. What is worth knowing about this German quality standard?

The award of TÜV certification to our IPOE platform is another step towards the development of innovative APA products. We are proud to be recognised by prestigious international quality institutes. Today they include the Technischer Überwachungsverein. What is worth knowing about this certificate and what exactly is it for? 

TÜV certification – what exactly is it? 

TÜV stands for Technischer Überwachungsverein in German. It is a technical inspection company, founded almost 150 years ago, which today is the world’s leading provider of inspection services and also an independent quality expert. 

This group is concerned with inspecting products, management processes and services for safety and maintaining proper production standards. This is possible thanks to advanced offices and laboratories located in more than 60 countries in 6 geographical regions.  

Specialists conduct advanced tests in training and research centres. They are responsible for audits and certification. They thus check whether specific technologies from a wide range of industries comply with national and international standards.

Thus, the TÜV certification itself is in a way a certification that the product in question has been tested for safety and nothing alarming has been detected. Besides, it reports good quality. Today, the biggest giants are striving to obtain it. Example? Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the tech world about TÜV Eye Comfort, a certification that confirms that blue radiation from screens is harmless on the Samsung Galaxy S10. 

TÜV certification for the automation industry

The professionals at TÜV are able to provide support on all questions relating to functional safety and the requirements of automation systems.

From machinery and conveyor systems to the process industry. They provide services to manufacturers, technology developers and users.

Certification in automated process safety has many benefits. It allows:

  • improving safety,
  • determining the legality of carrying out processes,
  • optimisation,
  • reducing failure rates in the plant,
  • ensuring a consistent level of quality of the manufactured product.

By opting for this type of audit, you can gain an objective, expert and independent point of view, benefiting from the many years of experience of recognised specialists.

Examples of standards on which TÜV’s automated process inspections are based are:

  • IEC 62061 (Safety of machinery – functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable safety-related electronic control systems).
  • IEC 61511 (Functional safety – safety instrumented systems for the process industries).
  • IEC 61508 (Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems).
  • ISO 13849-1 (Safety of machinery – safety-related parts of control systems). 

What conditions must be met to obtain TÜV certification?

The process described is a multi-stage one and begins with the submission of an application for product certification.  

Specialist tests are then carried out in laboratories or on the customer’s premises (for very large machines). Experts carefully examine the products on the basis of the required criteria and decide on the certification and the issuing of the inspection mark. Both are only issued to entities that pass the audit.  

It is important to know that in order to maintain the quality label, you must constantly maintain a high standard. The certificate is valid for 5 years, during which time the institute must be informed of all changes to the certified products and services. The idea is to give experts an insight into whether the manufactured products correspond to the tested samples.  

TÜV-certified IPOE

The Intelligent Energy Optimisation Platform has been awarded the “Proven Product” certificate. What does this mean?

According to information on TÜV Nord Polska’s website, the “Proven Product” certification is a voluntary certificate, the programme of which is determined individually for each product. This must meet all the legal requirements for marketing. 

The proven product certificate is issued after a positive evaluation of the product documentation, laboratory test results and after inspection at the production plant.

RThe audit report confirms the compliance of the performance of the IPOE product in terms of the parameters of the measured voltage, which are defined in the PN-EN-50160:2010/A3:2019 standard. This standard deals with the parameters for the supply voltage in public electricity networks. Specifically, we are talking about voltage, frequency and harmonic distortion measurements.

In addition, during the audit, other areas that affect the quality of the product offered were examined, namely: 

  • the software development process,
  • procedures for implementing and launching the platform at customers,
  • the supply chain,
  • the equipment used to carry out the measurements,
  • and many others.

For us, the TÜV certification is further confirmation of the quality of our proprietary energy optimisation platform.

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