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medical robots – Can help fight the pandemic?

In the article:

  • How robots can help care for the sick and fight the pandemic  
  • How to reduce stress and make doctors’ and nurses’ work easier
 Today, it is of particular importance to protect not only the health of the patient, but also of medical workers who have direct contact with people infected with the contagious virus. Meanwhile, robotics and automation in the medical sector offer great opportunities when it comes to addressing these challenges. Medical robots are the future of health care.  
Patient care involves a number of complex and engaging activities. You have to keep an eye on basic medical parameters, take temperatures, serve meals and clean up waste.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, these tasks are made all the more difficult due to the fact that they must be performed with increased caution, lest you yourself become ill. Additionally, that involves a lot of stress for everyone.

So why not delegate these most repetitive tasks to specialized medical robots? Such an assumption was made by APA Group engineers who – in cooperation with a German company KUKA – designed an innovative device dedicated to the medical industry.medical robots

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Medical robot to support medics 

Taking body temperature measurements, delivering meals and cleaning up hazardous substances are the main functionalities of the said medical robot. Hence, it is able to do what is normally the responsibility of doctors and nurses, who in the reality of this difficult pandemic have even more tasks than usual.

Everything must be done to keep their daily work, which involves being responsible for the life and health of people, as effectively as possible. We are aware of the role that automation and robotics companies play throughout the whole process – one of their priorities should be to relieve medical professionals as much as possible and give them technological support.


Robotization and the future of the medical industry 

More and more knowledge is being developed on human health, and this involves increasingly complex, time-consuming and multidimensional interventions. Medics today must demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, above-average commitment, and the ability to “be in several places at once.”
Thus, in this context, robotization plays a key role. On the one hand, it helps medics perform basic, repetitive tasks, and on the other, it reduces the frequency of direct contact with the patient, which is of great importance during a virus pandemic.

As Artur Pollak, President of the Management Board of APA Group, argues: Recent months have shown that there are challenges to humanity that can cripple the entire world. It is necessary to look for new ways to protect human beings. 

Recent months have shown that there are challenges to humanity that can cripple the entire world. It is necessary to look for new ways to protect human beings. 

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